About Us

From the High Andes to the Canadian Cost

Inka’s World is a Native Ecuadorian Family-owned company represented in Canada by Luis Santillan. Inka’s World offers hand-made products that represent the work of over 300 native artisan families from Otavalo, a small town nestled at 9,000 feet in Ecuador’s high mountain Andes. The town of Otavalo is located at the foothills of a massive volcano called “Taita” (father) Imbabura. Families produce cotton, cereals, potatoes, fruit and livestock; their main economy, however, revolves around its markets. “Otavaleños” are world famous for their wool, hand-weaved textiles, knitted clothing, leather goods, and native jewelry. Inka’s world is a Fair Trade company that offers ethnic goods to Canadians. Our fair trade and ethnic trade philosophies help Otavalo’s Native Artisan Families build a sustainable future, where artisans receive a fair price for their products that cover the costs of production and provide an income that ensures a decent standard of living. The missionis to offer one-of-a-kind high-quality hand-made goods at prices that are fair for both his people and the consumer.


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In business since 2005,  our mission is to share the culture and history of the native southamerican people by providing a great quality of hand made products to the rest of the world.
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You can contact us at:
inkasworldstore@gmail.com or by phone at (778) 838 - 6369.